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House in the snow and ice

How to Prepare Your Pipes for a Texas Freeze

In 2021, winter storms in the state of Texas led to billions of dollars in damage. To avoid this situation, our team at Pilot Plumbing offer...

Apartment building - Houston

5 Plumbing Tips For Multi-Family Buildings

As the owner or responsible party of a multi-family building, it’s important to know how to maintain the plumbing. Plumbing systems in multi...

Clean water running out of a faucet

The Biggest Factors Affecting the Quality of Your Water

Water is essential for life, but access to clean, high-quality water is not always easy. In fact, a wide variety of factors can affect the q...

Dirty Faucet due to calcium buildup.

Tips on How to Clean Dirty Faucets

Have you noticed a white chalky film or scale on your faucets? When you turn it on, is the water trickling rather than flowing freely? If yo...

Pilot Plumbing How to Find a Hidden Water Lead Modern Kitchen

How to Find A Hidden Water Leak

"Still waters run deep." No doubt you've heard this truism. Well, the last place you want to find that still water is  pooling under your ba...

burst pipe

Unsafe Water: Why and When Do You Need to Boil Water

Access to safe drinking water is one of the aspects of modern American life that most of us take for granted, but a clean water crisis this ...


Why Water Conservation is More Important Than Ever

Water conservation is more important than ever as the United States is experiencing widespread drought conditions with nearly half of the lo...

Pilot Plumbing How Important is Re-Piping in Older Homes? Classic Old Farm House

How Important is Re-Piping in Older Homes?

If you have an older home, one of the questions you may have is whether you should consider re-piping your home. Older homes typically have ...

sink shopping

Stainless Steel vs. Ceramic Sinks: Pros and Cons

If the kitchen is the heart of most American homes, then the kitchen sink is the heart of the kitchen.

Pilot Plumbing Can You Place Lemon Peels Down Your Garbage Disposal Bowl of Lemons on a Counter

Can You Place Lemon Peels Down Your Garbage Disposal?

If your garbage disposal smells funky, you may be looking for ways to clean and/or freshen it up. When you are looking to freshen your dispo...