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Apartment building - Houston

5 Plumbing Tips For Multi-Family Buildings

As the owner or responsible party of a multi-family building, it’s important to know how to maintain the plumbing. Plumbing systems in multi...

Pilot Plumbing Can You Place Lemon Peels Down Your Garbage Disposal Bowl of Lemons on a Counter

Can You Place Lemon Peels Down Your Garbage Disposal?

If your garbage disposal smells funky, you may be looking for ways to clean and/or freshen it up. When you are looking to freshen your dispo...

Garbage Disposals: What to Put Down (and Not Put Down!) This Useful Kitchen Appliance

Garbage disposals have been the workhorse of American kitchens for more than 80 years, but they remain a mystery to many homeowners. It is e...

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