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Girl washing her hands in sink.

The Reasons for Slow Hot Water: Exploring the Delay

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long for the water to get hot when you turn on the faucet? It can be frustrating, especially when you...

Lady talking on the phone, behind her a pipe under sink is leaking water

6 Signs Your Home Might Have a Hidden Water Leak

Water damage can be devastating to a home, but the dangers are usually associated with sudden perils such as burst pipes or faulty appliance...

Insulating pipes

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes & Tips for Quickly Mitigating Freeze Damage

A winter freeze can be especially harsh in Texas, leaving many homeowners dealing with the unfortunate consequence of frozen pipes. This can...

Plumber with a video scope

Lights! Camera! Sewer! When Do You Need a Plumber to Use a Video Scope?

If your plumber suggests the use of a camera in their services at your home or business, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean they are trying to go ...


Why Water Conservation is More Important Than Ever

Water conservation is more important than ever as the United States is experiencing widespread drought conditions with nearly half of the lo...


The U.S. Has a Skilled Tradesman Problem Including a Lack of Plumbers

The United States has a long, proud tradition of skilled tradesmen, who helped build the nation, but in 2022 there is a lack of these import...

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