Why You Shouldn’t Use Chemicals to Unclog Drains

Your drain is clogging. The water is backed up over the drain and over the bowl of the sink. It's tempting to use chemicals to get rid of the clog, isn't it? Unfortunately, using chemicals to treat clogs is almost always mistake.

There are many reasons why chemicals are bad for your drains, your family, your community - and your home's plumbing system! Here's what you need to know before you use chemicals to get rid of a clog in your home. 

Chemicals Are Caustic

The chemicals used in drain cleaners are naturally caustic - that's how they do their job. These chemicals eat away at clogs to create a small space for water to pass through. Unfortunately, this is what makes drain chemicals bad for your pipes! When the chemicals are done with the clog, they can start to eliminating the pipe as well.

Depending on the material that your pipes are made from, how long the drain chemical sits in the pipe, how often the chemicals are used and how strong those chemicals are, these chemicals could do serious damage to your home's plumbing system.  

Drain Chemicals Are Bad for Septic Tanks

Drain chemicals can disrupt the sensitive ecosystem inside your septic tank, if you have one. Using too many drain chemicals can disrupt the natural cycle that occurs in the septic tank, wherein bacteria break down solids to prevent the drain field from clogging. Ultimately, too many chemicals in your septic tank can cause your drain field to clog. 

Drain Chemicals Are Toxic

Even if they aren't causing problems for your septic tank or sewer system, drain chemicals are bad for the environment and bad for the people in your household. Pay attention to the warning labels on drain cleaners; you'll see that they're not safe to be touched, can cause harmful fumes, contribute to poor indoor air quality and can be very dangerous in the hands of a child. If you do keep these chemicals in your home, be sure to keep them away from any little ones! 

Most Chemicals Can't Really Fix the Problem

Worst of all, most drain chemicals don't really fix the problems occurring in your drains. Often, these chemicals eat a hole just wide enough for water to pass through the clog, without actually eliminating the rest of the clog. The remaining clog creates friction with hairs and other debris that may go down the drain, and over time, the clog will form anew. 

The best way to safely and effectively get rid of a clog is to call a plumber and have the drain snaked. Your plumber will clear away the clog debris in your pipes, to create an open waterway for waste water to pass through. 

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